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MCF Video

[Mar 2011]

An MCF video is now available to view via YouTube. If you can't see the short film below, click here to see it.

Sad Loss

[Feb 2011]

MCF is sad to announce that one of the women being assisted by MCF has died. Muchit Wassie was one of the hardest working ladies assisted by MCF. A humble and gentle person, Muchit was dedicated to her new business and being able to support her family. She was one of the first women to take the business loan from our partner WISE, and was successful in her business.

Muchit had a child, Tigist, who is now living with her Aunt. We hope to follow up on Tigist and make sure she is doing ok in her new home.

Life Skills

[Feb 2011]

MCF’s families are undertaking a 5 days basic life skill training in February 2011 with our partner organization, WISE. The course will concentrate on life and business management.

Independent Women

[Oct 2010]

One year on since MCF partnered with WISE in starting our women headed households in business, and the first 20 women and their families are no longer requiring assistance from MCF, save for minor contributions to educational and medical costs as required. We also continue to organize opportunities for the women and families of MCF to meet, support each other, discuss their futures, and celebrate key events.

Our next step will be to consider how best to move forward and use the same successful approaches to best help more families affected by HIV/AIDS.

Experience Sharing

[Jun 2010]

Our ladies and their children now benefit from regular monthly gatherings held by WISE, where they can meet with other HIV positive ladies who are making a success of their lives and businesses, and discuss issues in an informal and secure setting. The gatherings include experience sharing, coffee ceremony, meetings with health professionals, as well as lessons on positive living…and many more. This is already an event the families cherish, especially as a place where they can freely express themselves.

Charitable Status

[Nov 2009]

MCF has now been officially recognized by the Irish Government Revenue Office as a charity. This has also allowed us to open a dedicated bank account in the name of MCF, making it easier for people to donate regularly!

MCF Fundraiser

[Nov 2009]

Sincere thanks to all those who supported the MCF fundraising Table Quiz and Raffle in Blue Bar, Skerries recently. The night was a great success, with a total of 5000 Euro raised, which will guarantee our work with families affected by HIV/AIDS in Ethiopia for next year. Special thanks to all the local businesses and associations for their generous support: ABER Energy Ratings, Aidan's Butchers, Ann's Coffee Ladies, Bank of Ireland, Blue Bar, C & T's, Coastal Tiles, Crilly & McGrath, Dr Woods, Gerry's, High Life Hairdressers, McMeel's Pharmacy, Neil Boyd Garden Services, OHSS, Ollie's Place, Philanne's Whiz Kids, Red Island Wine, Sarah Ryan, Seasons, Shankey's, Skerries Pharmacy, Skerries Physiotherapy Clinic, Stoops, Supervalu, Tarragon, The Shoe Horn, The Surgery.


[Oct 2009]




Business Training and Business Start-Ups for MCF Women

[Oct 2009]

MCF, in line with our vision to develop our families to full self-sufficiency, has partnered with WISE (Women in Self-Employment), an Addis Ababa based organization, which provides business training and micro finance assistance, as well as training on health and human rights issues, for women. WISE has given Basic Business Training to 20 MCF women, equipping them with skills and knowledge to develop their own small businesses and run them effectively.Read more about the business training with WISE in the new Developing Small Businesses page of Our Activities section of this site.

Scholarship for MCF Student!

[Sep 2009]

Yonas, who was supported by MCF in school and has a scholarship to AAU

Yonas is now the happiest boy in all our group of families from Entoto. Yonas had dropped out of school due to his mother’s ill health. With the assistance of MCF, Yonas returned to school, and could concentrate on his studies as his mother’s health improved. Yonas was also supported in terms of school materials and counseling.

Now after 2 years of hard work, Yonas has received a scholarship to study in the faculty of his choice at Addis Ababa University. Yonas is keen to study medicine, and also wants to help MCF to grow in the future to help others in the same position.

MCF features on Ethiopian Radio

[Jun 2009]

A Reporter from Ethiopia's FM98.1 Radio Station, Birhane Nigussie, visited MCF's Project in Addis Ababa, having worked in HIV related-Programmes himself. In discussing his visit on radio, Birhane expressed how touched he was by his visit with the families, and the tremendous work MCF is doing. Birhane and his colleague, Awad Mohammed, both HIV Ambassadors, pledged their support for the work of MCF.

MCF featured in NOHA newsletter

[May 2009]

The Network on Humanitarian Assistance (NOHA), a network of European Universities, has featured MCF in its Student newsletter. Download the NOHA newsletter here

MCF Film expected later this year

[Apr 2009]

A short film on MCF is being developed, and it is hoped to provide clips on the website later in the year. The film will be used for further fundraising events, and also with the aim of approaching institutions for donor funding. Watch this space!

Several families in small business start ups

[Apr 2009]

An MCF beneficiary spinning cotton as a small businessSince the start of our program in 2008, our families have been saving a proportion of the assistance provided to them by MCF. Now, one year on, with guidance from MCF Officers, families are beginning to invest in small business ideas, including food preparation and selling and development of handicrafts. It will still take time for some of these businesses to allow families to become sufficient, but the impact on the women's self-esteem is immediate, together with the greater control they now feel they have on their lives. In order to develop this program further, MCF is investigating with the women the idea of forming cooperatives (e.g. handicrafts co-op), and we are hoping to join forces later in the year with dedicated micro-finance organizations to ensure the expertise is on hand to help make these businesses succeed!

MCF begins assistance to families in Bahir Dar

[Mar 2009]

From March 2009 MCF is pleased to be able to extend its reach to Bahir Dar, located in the north of Ethiopia, by the shores of Lake Tana. MCF is initially supporting two families, who are known to the Fund’s Founders. These families are in very poor conditions, and the assistance from MCF will undoubtedly have a big impact on their lives. It is hoped that they will also start small businesses soon, with MCF support.

Monthly Women's Meetings and Coffee Ceremony!

[Dec 2008]

While many of our families, as a result of their HIV/AIDS status, gathered in hope in simple houses around the holy places of Entoto, there were few interactions between the women, despite their common problems and challenges. Through a year of interaction with MCF, the women have come to realize the common obstacles they face, and are beginning to discuss the common strategies that they can develop to cope with these challenges. In order to develop and encourage this, MCF have initiated a monthly coffee ceremony for families, a traditional Ethiopian way of getting together and talking informally over strong, rich Ethiopian coffee. Early indications are that these meetings are a great success, and most importantly also provide valuable social interaction in a relaxed and safe atmosphere.

As part of the coffee ceremony, MCF has started working with a volunteer counselor, who can talk to the women one-on-one, and can continue this care in their homes.

MCF Office opens near Entoto!

[Nov 2008]

MCF has opened an office at Shiro Meda, the market area at the foot of Mount Entoto, in order to provide a secure area to meet with families and provide financial supports. The office has been invaluable both in offering a secure location to develop the program, but also in demonstrating to the families that MCF is committed to a long term presence in the area.

None of the funds donated to MCF goes towards the costs of the office accommodation or any other administration. This is provided by the Fund’s founders. In the longer term, MCF is also looking at the option of hiring meeting halls on a monthly basis instead of holding an office, and this will be reviewed depending on costs and effectiveness for the Program.

4000 Euro raised at Skerries Fundraiser

[Sep 2008]

The MCF fundraising night in Skerries on 19th September raised 4000 Euro for MCF!
Thanks to all our supporters and helpers!! A fun night was had by all, and ensured our work continues.
If you wish to support future fundraising, email us at
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