MCF - Our Activities: Developing Small Businesses

MCF, in line with our vision to develop our families to full self-sufficiency, has partnered with WISE (Women in Self-Employment), an Addis Ababa based organization, which provides business training and micro finance assistance, as well as training on health and human rights issues, for women.

Basic Business Training with WISE

Basic Business Training has now been given to 20 of MCF’s women. Basic Business Training is provided with the aim of helping the women acquire the skills and knowledge to develop new businesses and run them effectively. The course is focused on how to generate new income, how to prepare business plans, how to improve their business practices and expand them, how to develop marketing plans, how to identify problems in business, and how to generate new ideas for business. Various methodologies are used, including posters, stories, role play, group discussions, and presentations.  

All the participants were extremely satisfied with the training, which also gave them the hope and encouragement to change their lives, and many saw a new focus in their lives beyond dealing with HIV for the first time.

WISE provided excellent trainers, and also discounted training costs to MCF as they are keen to encourage MCF as effective partners.

MCF Women Trainees

The MCF ladies visited women whom WISE have previously helped to set up in successful businesses, all of whom are HIV positive.  The ladies have thriving shops and stalls, and had also formed cooperatives to work effectively together and continue to develop their businesses.  The MCF ladies were so happy to see this, and also understand what can be achieved, while sharing common fears and frustrations with the other women.

Women in business in Ethiopia

WISE have since extended their micro-financing project for businesses to the women of MCF, allowing them to obtain loans to develop their businesses, and they have now formed cooperatives to do this, and will benefit from continuing support and training from WISE.

Making the women self-sufficient is a remarkable final step in the journey these women and their families have had with MCF since we started.  It is also an important final step, so that MCF can continue to assist more destitute families and assist them to make the same remarkable changes in their lives.  Our partnership with WISE should allow us to help many more families and transform their futures in the same way.

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